Exclusive Interview with Upcoming Artist, Sleek.


Fashugba Olawale is Sleek an upcoming artist, Sleek has been doing music for a while now. This young man has been performing quite well mostly in Lagos where he is popularly known.

Can we meet you sir (background)

My name is Fashugba olawale, i am an entertainer with a brand name called sleek. I was born in Lagos, entertainment as always been a major part of my life, I sing, rap, I can act as well and do a little of comedy 😊

What was your growing up like?

Lol growing up?  Growing up was tough on.  My parents didn’t really have much to get all I wanted but thankful I got an education and am doing well with myself today.

Are you still in school?

No, I am a graduate,  I studied business administration in the university.
When did you start singing?

I have always been singing since I was a kid, but I started professionally 2016.
What would you say is your greatest achievement in your career?

Hmm, my greatest achievement so far was to be on TV thanks to fuse TV interview and also winning a studio session at fuze music under the great mogul promoter Mr Paulo.  It was inspiring

What were the challenges you faced when you started this career and how did you overcome it?

Lack of support has been my greatest challenge, I overcome it by motivating myself that am the best, the world just ain’t ready yet.

Who and who have you work with?

Few upcoming artist like myself.

Who and who would you like to work with in the future?

2face, wizzy,  davido, Burnaboy, falz, ycee…The list is long abeg.. I love all the artist making good music and I will love to work with them.
What project are you currently working on?

Working on my next single and also a cover of wizkid’s come closer.

What can you say about the current situation in the country, does this have any negative effect in the music industry?

Yeah most definitely, people can’t support financially cause they all complain about the economy.
How many songs have you released so far?

Any album yet?

Lol no, I started last year… It is a slow and steady race, I pray God grants my wish, I will release an EP next year like a mini album because I got a lot of songs I want the world to hear.

Are you under any record label?

I am currently unsigned.

Are your parents in support of what you do?

My family is in support and they really encourage and pray for me, hopefully “sleek” will shine soon.

How do you relax?

I relax in every possible way I can but my brain hardly take a break from music. My body and my soul too.

Where do you see yourself five years from now? 

Five years from now I will be trending trust me, dream turn reality.
What message do you have for your fans out there?

My message for those who has been supporting and my fans out there is that “don’t sleep on the boy” I will make you proud. KOsiPressuRe.
Thank you for honoring us sir!

Interviewed by Franklin.


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