I was opportuned to have a one on one off- camera interview, with this fast- rising rapper,i was able to get a few information about his career in the music industry.


So tell us your story. Where did you grow up? What made you decide to become an artist?

TENCHRIS: I’m Moses Christen by name but my friends call me Chris A.K.A Tenchris the Eccentric Rapper, I head from the Western part of Africa “Nigeria”,resides in Lagos, I did chose this path even though the game put me here to play a big role in the industry as an Eccentric Artist, though I was born into a music loving family,the love and passion Mama got for music and the heart felt sensation Dad always make when his favourite song came on, made me realise that music heals the body, soul and spirit, suddenly it became part of me and as the last child of my family, my journey into music world started by the age of 14 but due to inappropriate funds or cash to stack up records, all I did was write down my lines and always engage myself in rap battles and during get together I do freestyle with my friends, in 2010 I was featured by Crew called Illa Tunes which comprises of 3 in mates (Olek, Cap T and SiQ da innovator), their CEO saw the inertial in me and thought I was dope enough to be on their track Illa tunes ft Tenchris – I pledge, and after that I was featured by another afropop singer Indo by name with song tittle Indo ft Tenchris-iniminimanimo, later on met with a group of rappers, the DESCENDANTS XI and we did a cypher which I was featured on “Cypher 101”
And finally 2016 was the year I got to stack up record titled slayers mixtape which comprise of 12 tracks from Love scene, Genesys, olosho, hustle, soul train etc was leased in last week of may 2016


I’m not just a Rapper but am equally a POET!

Twitter: @Tenchris_Raps
Instagram : @tenchris_raps
Facebook: Tenchris Rapville
Booking n enquiries : mail

Watch out,  he is going to put alot of rapper in the industry on their toes. I was informed by a reliable source that he is working on a really hot jam titled “the quest” .He even posted on instagram and facebook, follow and add him respectively for more update on the hot jam dropping this weekend. Anticipate.


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