WWE RAW Results
December 5, 2016
Austin, Texas
Commentary: Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Seth Rollins def. Big Show via count out
Jack Gallagher def. Ariya Daivari
WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens def. Sami Zayn
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann def. TJ Perkins (Non-Title Match)
Bayley def. Alicia Fox
Mark Henry def. Titus O’Neil
Roman Reigns def. Chris Jericho to retain the WWE United States Title
Sheamus and Cesaro vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson ended in a No Contest

Click the link below for more detailed information about the matches.


Charlotte’s public apology to Ric Flair

Charlotte says she made a big mistake six months ago. She’s ashamed at what he did and said. Charlotte said if you don’t recall what a “cold hearted bitch of a daughter” she was, Charlotte wants to remind everyone and has footage played from last May.

Video from last May of Charlotte telling her father Ric Flair she didn’t need him anymore and kicking him out of the ring during her then reign as WWE Women’s Champion. We see Flair leaving the ring and crying as Charlotte saying the goodbye song at him.

Back live, Charlotte said WWE means everything to her and the title means everything to her. The fans are giving her the “WHAT” chants and she wants the chance to explain. She said what was harder was watching her father get in the ring, put his arm around Sasha Banks and raise her hand. “It was like my dad was saying, Sasha’s the woman, it’s like he was saying Sasha was the athlete. All I ever wanted was my dad’s approval.” Charlotte said she only ever wanted her father to be proud of her. She always asked herself if she was good enough and how it was hard to be Ric Flair’s daughter. Charlotte talks about sitting in the audience and watching Flair raise Sasha’s hand. She said it broke her heart. Charlotte talks about not seeing her father in six months and that she invited him to RAW tonight to give a heartfelt apology. “Dad, please come out here.”

Ric Flair’s music hits and he heads to the ring. Charlotte is smiling as he enters the ring. “Dad, I’m sorry,” says Charlotte. She hugs her father. Ric backs off and then Charlotte gives him a huge slap. “You son of a bitch! I’m your daughter! I’m your flesh and your blood.” Charlotte asks who Sasha thinks she is to dedicate her victory to her father. Sasha Banks hits the ring and Charlotte cuts her off attacking her. Charlotte pulls back on the head of Sasha and then kicks her out of the ring. Ric is still looking on from the corner as Charlotte jumps out and continues attacking Sasha. Charlotte launches Sasha back first into the ring barricade. Charlotte smiles at her father standing over Sasha. Charlotte grabs Sasha again, lifts her up and sends her face first into the steel ring post. Charlotte yells, “I’m the woman!” She grabs Sasha and calls her pathetic. Charlotte tosses a lifeless Sasha back inside the ring and yells, “Sasha who?” Ric is crying as Charlotte drags Sasha near him. The show goes off the air with Charlotte laughing and clapping at Sasha yelling, “Well done Sasha!”

Thank you- Slimneroh

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